Hanna Jameson Shares Her Inspiration for The Last

May 21 2019
Share Hanna Jameson Shares Her Inspiration for The Last

If you are a fan of dystopian fiction and psychological thrillers, add this book to your TBR! From the first page I had a “WTF, this is a little too real” moment….

Imagine you’re sitting at home having breakfast and all of a sudden you get one of the emergency alerts on your phone. This time the alert doesn’t notify you of a flash flood or hurricane, instead the words nuclear explosion flash across your screen. There is no time to run to a bunker and seek shelter; you are stuck.

Jon is at a conference at a Swiss hotel when someone at the table next to him gets the alert. The hotel guests all check their phones and quickly learn that around the world there are nuclear bombs being dropped. That’s all they find out before all the news outlets and media channels go dark and the clouds on the horizon are tainted in an ominous shade of orange.

Flash-forward two months…still no updates on what’s happening outside the hotel. Anybody who left after receiving the news alerts hasn’t returned. But when a body is found in the hotel, their safe haven no longer seems so safe. How long has the body been there? Is the killer still at the hotel or did they flee during the chaos of the nuclear bombs?

This book will have you flipping through the pages searching for the answers!

In this video, the author Hanna Jameson shares her inspiration for this chilling read. 

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