5 Books to Read if You’re a Fan of Jordan Peele’s Us

Sienna Farris
April 29 2019
Share 5 Books to Read if You’re a Fan of Jordan Peele’s Us

I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies. Not only am I the biggest chicken ever, and I shriek and flinch like I’m being tortured by the villain on the screen, but my scaredy-catness will linger for several days as I replay the nightmare over and over again in my mind. So, you might wonder why I subject myself to Jordan Peele films since I’m so jumpy that a complete stranger once offered to hold my hand during The Ring. I am willing to get over my fears in order to see groundbreaking films like Get Out and Us that explore race relations in America, feature hilarious dialogue, and present chilling scenes that make you want to talk back to the screen. Usually “Oh hell naw” is the only thing I can manage to mutter between my clenched teeth. Us was particularly disturbing to me because it was about psychotic doppelgängers who terrorize a family at their beach house. There is nothing scarier to me than being attacked by your bizarro self and bizarre loved ones! If you’re a fan of Us, narratives that explore the duality of self, and doppelgängers, then I’ve got a list of books for you!

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