7 Audiobook Boyfriends to Love This Valentine’s Day

Ellen Gutoskey
February 14 2019
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If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day the traditional way with a candlelit dinner, red roses, and assorted chocolates from your hunky partner—that’s awesome! We’re genuinely happy for you and not even a little jealous because it’s 2019 and We! Stan! Happy! Couples!

If you’re looking for alternate ideas, we humbly suggest that you treat yourself to a romance audiobook this holiday, because an audiobook boyfriend might just be better than the real thing. Here’s why:

What an audiobook boyfriend will do:

  • Speak only when you want him to
  • Share his thoughts and feelings in an articulate and grammatically correct manner
  • Realize the error of his ways in approximately ten hours or less

What an audiobook boyfriend won’t do:

  • Leave his dirty dishes in the sink “because they have to soak”
  • Hog all the covers even though his body naturally radiates heat akin to that of the sun
  • Forget to buy you a Valentine’s Day gift

Luckily, Simon & Schuster Audio has blessed us with a romance audiobook sweepstakes, and you owe it to yourself to enter for a chance to win not only the ultimate collection of romance audiobooks, but also an iPad Mini, Beats headphones, and gift cards from Victoria’s Secret and Sephora!

Enter for a chance to win here!

If you’re coming around to the merits of a fictional boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, check out our list of best romance audiobooks below, featuring some included in the sweepstakes and a few of our all-time favorites, too!

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