5 Books to Read After Watching Bravo’s Dirty John

Elizabeth Breeden
November 28 2018
Share 5 Books to Read After Watching Bravo’s Dirty John

The camera pans over crashing waves. A shy smile from actress Connie Britton (who plays Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights) as she catches the eye of her new boyfriend. Sun dappled shots of the California coast, then menacing music and a realization that this picturesque setting of sunshine love actually hides something menacingly dark…then rolling credits. Huh? What are you supposed to do now to meet your newfound need for can’t-believe-it’s-true drama, con men, criminals, and insane survival stories between episodes of Bravo’s new scripted series Dirty John—inspired by the acclaimed investigative journalism podcast of the same name? Here are some book suggestions to keep you riveted.

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