These 5 Sites Better Be in Your Bookmarks Bar

Shefali Lohia
August 29 2018
Share These 5 Sites Better Be in Your Bookmarks Bar

So, you just finished an amazing book and you don’t know what to read next. You need to find your next fix. You need to hit that sweet spot.  

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Get Lit(erary) will always have your back with a list of the latest and greatest titles, the dish on our next fav book adaptation, the hottest bookstagrams, and more! But there are other amazing bookish sites out there in addition to Get Lit(erary): these five sites should be saved in your bookmarks bar!

BuzzFeed Books: The Books section of BuzzFeed is SO special, it gets its own social media—check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts! BuzzFeed Books is on point with their breaking book news, but my favorite reasons to visit are the random—but wonderful—quizzes and to get my regular fix of Harry Potter. Oh, and bookish memes. Very important.


Literary Hub: Lit Hub is a little more *highbrow* but in the best way. You’ll find some top-notch literary recommendations here, as well as in-depth pieces on the art of writingcultural essays and critiquesand miscellaneous bookish goodness, which your soul needs.


Electric Literature: SO MANY REASONS to visit Electric Lit. Reason #1 might be because they have a whole section on their site called “Read More Women.” Or the #1 reason might be because they made this handy, dandy chart. (Are you seeing a trend here?) There’s just a lot of weird, acerbic honesty about books, the literary community, and the whole world here—and it’s refreshing.


RivetedLitObsessed with YA? Then this is the site for you! Keep up with the latest news on your favorite YA authorsbooks, and adaptationsand enter some killer giveaways at the same time.


McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Not to be confused with the McSweeney’s publishing arm or quarterly journalMcSweeney’s Internet Tendency is the pick-me-up you need right now. Humor, sarcasm, and witticisms for days, y’all. This is one of the classic McSweeney’s pieces—read it now. Fun fact: McSweeney’s was founded by Dave Eggers!

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