What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

July 25 2018
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I’m a huge bookworm—it’s a problem that has become worse/better over time. Over the years, I’ve become averse to dog-earring the pages of my books, because I want to keep them pristine (still end up with food stains though).

Since I’ve been avoiding folding down the pages, and I don’t always have a traditional bookmark handy, I’ve found some creative solutions.

    1. Business card: Someone gave it to me at some networking event and now I have their info memorized.
    2. Postcard: I bought this with the intention of mailing it to my friend, Sana, who collects postcards, but she will have to wait until I finish reading this book.
    3. Receipt/Random scrap of paper: Whatever I can find to save me from destroying my book! Because we all have random scraps of paper at the bottom of our bags.
    4. MTA card: I just swiped it at the turnstile and need something to hold my place as I run down the stairs to catch the subway.
    5. Gum wrapper: I just cleaned out my bag and it’s the only scrap of paper I have handy.
    6. Post-it note: I was reading during my lunch break and grabbed a sticky off my stack.
    7. Paper clip: It was closer to me on my desk than the Post-it stack.
    8. Hair-tie: I literally had nothing else to hold my spot and I was not about to fold down that page.
    9. Cell phone: A temporary bookmark until I can find something else…I didn’t have a hair-tie on my wrist—a dreaded feeling for every girl with long hair in the summer!

I want to hear from you! What do you use?

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