The Best NYC Coffee Shops and Cafés for Bookstagrammers

Anabel Jimenez
July 20 2018
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While coming up with this list, I realized that there are only two things that make for a perfect coffee shop setting for a bookstagram photo: white walls—preferably a white brick wall—and great lighting! These are my favorite places to go grab a latte (preferably iced during a hot summer day!), as well as a delicious avocado toast. Once I find the perfect spot to sit, it’s time to take a cute shot of the book(s) I’m currently reading to post on my bookstagramThe following are MUST visit coffee shops for bookstagrammers in NYC, from locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx 

  1. Maman Greenpoint, Brooklyn

By far my most favorite coffee place is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This café has an amazing rustic décor. They also have tables that hang from ropes. I mean, how cool is that? It’s really the cutest place. I can sit here reading a book and sipping coffee all day.  

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2. Toby’s Estate Coffee @ Club Monaco Flatiron

The white interior at Club Monaco is crisp and perfect (and again there goes that white brick wall that I love). But the really cool part about this location is that there’s a bookstore in the back! If you didn’t know, the very popular indie bookstore the Strand has a small location here. So this is pretty much bookstagrammer heaven.  

3. Bird and Branch Midtown

I love that this one is located in midtown, so it’s never too far of a trip for me. The tabletop tile patterns are great and chic. I also love the place’s pastel colors. And this one has a white brick wall too…I’m sensing a pattern in my taste here…  

4. Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn 

The food plates here in Bedford, Brooklyn, are so colorful and pretty wow. Order food along with your coffee, if you like! And the décor has so much green! There’s even a backroom with a community table and many, many plants, if that’s your thing!  

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5. Woops! Bakeshop Tribeca, Downtown Manhattan 

Woops! has many locations but my favorite is located in Tribeca, and though they have a ton of baked goods and are most famous for their macarons, it’s also a café. That being said, this place is the cutest! It, of course, also has the white décor, which we know I love. The dainty tables and the overall look also make for a great bookstagram shot! 

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6. Bluestone Lane West Village and Upper East Side

Now this wouldn’t be a best bookstagram coffee shop list without mentioning Bluestone Lane. This is probably the most popular on the list. They have everything you need: good coffee, good food, and amazing décor. I couldn’t choose between my two favorite locations, the one in the West Village and the one on the Upper East Side. The West Village location has more of a café vibe, where you get to sit down, order brunch or lunch. It has a comfy feeling with the pillowed seats. Pillowed seats are always a plus. The other location, on the Upper East Side, sits across from Central Park on the Museum Mile and inside of a church. If you ever pass by there, make sure to check it out! They have a ton of other locations too but these are my favorites! 

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7. The Miles Coffee Bar  Throgs Neck, the Bronx

Being a BX girl, I couldn’t not mention my favorite coffee shop in the Bronx. The Miles Coffee Bar has it all. I love their minimalistic décor. They also have an outside patio that’s very nice for taking photos. Also the B.A.T. (bacon, avocado, tomato sandwich) is AMAZING! 

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