Something to Read About is On the Move!

July 1 2017
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Dear Friends and Readers,

Something to Read About has made a big move. But we haven’t gone so far that you can’t call on us for your next book club pick! We’ve moved in with the expert book recommenders at Off the Shelf. Here’s what you need to know about Something to Read About’s Big Move.

1. What’s ?

Only a group of the coolest bibliophiles you’ll be lucky to have join your book club. After all, their motto is “Read. Recommend. Repeat.” They are passionate readers who love nothing more than discovering fantastic books and sharing them with friends. They recommend books that move them to laughter and tears—and everything in between. Sounds like we’ll be getting along just fine.

Check out Off the Shelf here.

You can read about some of your book club favorites here.

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2. What’s going to happen to the STRA Facebook page?

The Something to Read About Facebook page no longer exists. We hope you will enjoy being part of the Off the Shelf community. You’ll get regular updates on your favorite book club titles and lots of other exciting recommendations, videos, and giveaways on the Off the Shelf Facebook page.

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3. What’s going to happen to the STRA monthly newsletter?

Take heart! The Something to Read About newsletter is here to stay. You can expect it in your inbox each month, as always. For monthly updates on our favorite book club picks and great giveaways, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter here.


We’re all packed and ready for the move with our favorite historical novels, page-turning thrillers, and scandalous reads in tow. We can’t wait to see you there!

Happy Reading!
Something to Read About: The Off the Shelf Book Club

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