Historical Fiction

The 10 Most Popular Books We Added to Our TBR This August
August 31 2020
10 True Stories with Narratives So Engrossing They Read Like Novels
August 27 2020
7 Historical Novels That Bring Ancient Worlds to Life
August 20 2020
5 Uproarious Audio Books to Make You Laugh Out Loud
August 14 2020

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Spies, Sleuths, and Undercover Agents: 7 Books About Women Who Crack the Case
August 13 2020
8 Unsettling Historical Thrillers That Will Haunt You Until the Last Page
August 11 2020
Such Sweet Sorrow: 6 Tender Stories of Forbidden Love
August 4 2020
5 American Historical Fiction Novels That Beautifully Depict a Kaleidoscope of Experiences
July 21 2020
11 of the Hottest Books New in Paperback This July
July 20 2020
7 Historical Novels with Resilient Characters to Pick Up When the Going Gets Tough
July 17 2020
Set Sail for Distant Places and Times with These 10 Absorbing Historical Fiction Novels
July 1 2020
This Suspense Novel is Your Ticket Into A Thrilling World Full of International Intrigue
June 19 2020
Forgotten History: 10 Remarkable Novels About Overlooked Moments From the Past
June 16 2020
12 Captivating Books New in Paperback This June
June 15 2020
Staff Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Book Journal
June 5 2020
5 Immersive WWI Fiction Novels for Fans of “1917”
June 3 2020
6 Powerful Novels that Capture the Impact of the Korean War
May 26 2020
5 Historical Fiction Novels About WWII’s Lasting Impact on Japan
May 22 2020
Fiction on the Frontier: 7 Books Set in the Wild West
May 6 2020
10 Escapist Fiction Books to Read When You Need a Break From Reality
March 30 2020
8 Books New In Paperback We’re Springing Into This March
March 16 2020
4 Must-Read Canadian Historical Fiction Novels by an Author We Love
March 6 2020
7 Captivating Historical Fiction Novels About Real And Iconic Women
March 2 2020
A Mesmerizing Tale of Women, Wine, and Survival During World War II
February 27 2020

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