Posts by Julianna Haubner

13 High School Classics Worth Rereading
April 18 2017
Let’s Do the Time Warp Again: 11 Books to Celebrate Daylight Saving Time
March 9 2017
Z Is for Zelda: 11 Novels to Cure Your Fitzgerald Fever
March 7 2017
Coming to America: 13 Immigrant Stories That Represent Our History
March 2 2017

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10 Great Book Recommendations for President Obama from One Great Indie Bookstore
January 24 2017
The New “O” Book Club: 12 Fiction Picks from President Obama
January 17 2017
Orcas and Krakens and Chimps, Oh My! 14 Books About the World’s Most (and Least) Familiar Animals
January 12 2017
The XY Factor: 13 True Tales of Women Who Changed Science
January 5 2017
One Nation, Under Gods: Why Neil Gaiman’s Classic is More Relevant than Ever
December 14 2016
12 Essential Alice Hoffman Books
November 18 2016
Sex, Lies & Politics: 11 Novels to Read On Election Day
November 8 2016
It’s the End of the World as We Know It: 13 Profound Books of Pessimism, Plagues, and Pandemics
November 1 2016
I Heart the 80s: 12 Radical Reads About Everyone’s Favorite Decade
October 27 2016
A Modern Classic About Friendship Formed Over Vodka and Tang
August 29 2016
The Remarkable Story of an Ordinary Man
August 24 2016
Pass the Popcorn: 10 Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen
August 11 2016
Reading Nora: 12 Essential Books for Every Nora Ephron Fan
July 5 2016
13 Books to Help You Accept the Fact That You Can’t Get Hamilton Tickets
June 28 2016
Who’s Your Daddy? 15 Powerful Stories About Fathers
June 14 2016
War, Cheap Alcohol, and Good Old-Fashioned Journalism
February 26 2016
12 Oscar Nominated Films You Never Knew Were Based on Books
February 23 2016
Reading XXL: 15 Extra Long Books Perfect for Extra Long Winter Nights
January 26 2016
A Chance Encounter Leads to a Literary Goldmine
January 8 2016
No Time Like the Present: 10 Books We’ll Finally Read in 2016
January 7 2016

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