Posts by Holly Claytor

6 Remarkable Literary Libraries I Long to Visit
October 19 2020
8 Books Full of Hustle & Bustle to Liven Up Your Shelf
October 16 2020
7 Inspiring and Hopeful Books to Help You Grow Through Change
October 14 2020
Folkloric Fiction: 8 Beguiling Novels Based on Myths From Around the World
October 8 2020

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8 Books About Princesses to Read After You Devour Season 4 of The Crown
October 6 2020
7 Riveting Stories About Sisterhood That Perfectly Capture Its Complexity
October 1 2020
10 Enchanting Historical Novels That Will Add a Little Spark of Magic to Your Day
September 15 2020
Leave the Kids with Grandma: 7 Insightful Stories Featuring Grandparents We Love
September 11 2020
10 Book Club Books We Recommend Leafing Through This Fall
September 9 2020
5 Ruth Ware Novels That Still Send Chills Down Our Spines
September 3 2020
75 Years Later: 10 Unforgettable Novels About World War II We’re Reading to Honor the Past
September 2 2020
9 Books Set in US National Parks (Almost) As Refreshing as a Vacation in Nature
August 18 2020
Spies, Sleuths, and Undercover Agents: 7 Books About Women Who Crack the Case
August 13 2020
7 Sunny Reads That Will Transform Your Reading Nook into a Beach Oasis
August 12 2020
Chill Out: 8 Books with Settings So Cold You’ll Forget About the Summer Heat
August 10 2020
6 Books with Memorable Characters to Devour Before Their Journey Continues
August 6 2020
The 10 Most Popular Books That Captivated Us This July
July 31 2020
7 Absorbing Audiobooks We’re Listening to on Our Summer Strolls
July 24 2020
6 Heart-Melting Stories About Furry Friends That Show the Healing Power of Animals
July 22 2020
6 Fascinating Books That Will Inspire You to Learn Something New This Summer
July 13 2020
Summer Reading Challenge: 7 Recs to Kickstart Your Season
June 18 2020
8 Must-Read Books by LGTBQ Authors to Pick Up This (And Every) Month
June 17 2020
7 Gripping Travel Thrillers That Will Make You Happy to Staycation
June 10 2020
6 Books as Refreshing as an Ocean Breeze
June 9 2020

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