8 True Crime Stories from Around the Globe

Like death and taxes, crime is unfortunately a global constant. Lucky for us, many brilliant authors have written engrossing, riveting, and often moving nonfiction books about criminal cases throughout history. From Europe to Asia and beyond, discover some of the most engrossing true-crime books from around the world.

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15 Edgar-Winning Mystery and True Crime Books

Every year, the Mystery Writers of America holds the Edgar Allan Poe Awards to honor the very best in mystery and crime fiction and nonfiction. Since we aren’t invited to tonight’s Edgar banquet (the apt dress code: “dress to kill”), we’ll celebrate by reading these captivating books that are all past winners of Edgar Awards.

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An Enduring Sci-Fi Classic That Will Resonate With Diverse Readers

I was a teenager when I first read Octavia Butler and had recently begun rebelling against my mother. Deeply rooted in her Christian faith, she forbade me to watch certain movies, read certain books, or participate in certain activities. In her eyes, she was protecting me from temptation, showing me the path, and working toward keeping me focused on it. I, on the other hand, felt limited and emotionally abused. I wanted to read and watch everything she said would reserve me a one-way ticket to hell.

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8 Books About Royal Russian History

Maybe you haven’t heard, but the 1997 animated movie “Anastasia” has finally been adapted for Broadway! Ever since I broke my VHS tape of it after playing the movie on repeat, I have been waiting for this story to take center stage. I was completely entranced by the grand duchess and her beautiful, tragic Russian childhood, despite the grim reality of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, which led to Anastasia’s entire family being murdered in an extrajudicial killing by members of the secret police. If you, too, are obsessed with all things Russian Empire and need something to hold you over until you see the play on Broadway, pick up one of these books about Anastasia, the Romanov family, or other royal Russians.

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Love a Good Unreliable Narrator? How About Three?

It’s well documented that I love a good unreliable narrator. So how could I resist a bestselling thriller that boasts three? THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN delves into the minds of a trio of women whose lives are intertwined in a story of obsession, lies, and secrets. More compelling than a love triangle, the triangle of deception created by these three characters makes it so the reader can’t really trust any of them.

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13 Books We Wish We Could Read Right Now

When you tell someone that you work in book publishing, their response is often: “Wow, it must be so great to be able to read books all day.” But the reality is quite the opposite—much to our chagrin, most of us don’t actually get to read books at our desks. As a result, we spend a lot of time wishing that we could still be reading the book that was so engrossing it almost made us miss our subway stop on the way to work. Here are the books we wish we were reading right now.

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7 Authors Who Know Life Ain’t No Fairy Tale

There’s no shortage of books about the kind of passionate romances that cause women to go mad, men to embark on quests, and couples to cross heaven and earth to make out in the rain and live happily ever after. Love stories are an eternal favorite because of all the strong, satisfying, and generally warm and fuzzy feelings one gets from reading them. But the feelings one gets from real-life intense relationships are actually quite different. These 7 books are not only great, satisfying reads, but they show that making out in the rain is not a prerequisite for a great, satisfying love story.

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A Strange and Wonderful Novel for Introverts and Outcasts

It’s a strange and wonderful thing to recognize something of yourself in a book. It’s an even stranger and more wonderful thing to recognize your own feelings in a character with whom, at first glance, you have very little in common. While the circumstances of my own life aren’t much like those of Aaron, the main character in Lori Ostlund’s AFTER THE PARADE, I was amazed at how clearly I understood him, and how relatable he seemed to be. I found myself both nodding along with Aaron’s observations about people and at the same time feeling astonished at how astute his observations were.

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13 High School Classics Worth Rereading

Every day, teachers across the country inspire and empower their students to see the world in a new way through classic and contemporary novels. But we know there’s a lot to worry about in high school: friends, driver’s tests, college applications, and, fine, maybe also that cute guy or girl who sat behind you in Algebra. Regardless of whether you completed every extra-credit assignment (guilty as charged), required reading has a lot to offer, even more so when you circle back to those books later on in life. Here’s a list of 13 books I’ve reread since my time in high school and some of the surprising results that came with returning to them.

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Finished Re-reading BRAVE NEW WORLD? Read This Next

With the reemerging popularity of classics such as 1984 and BRAVE NEW WORLD, it’s safe to say that 2017 is the year of the dystopian novel. However, while great works from the 20th century deserve all the attention they’ve gotten, it should be noted that in the past few years there’s been an influx of great new dystopian fiction that imaginatively depicts contemporary society’s biggest fears.

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