Tolani Osan

Tolani Osan

Tolani Osan joined Simon & Schuster’s Associate’s Program in 2015 where she spent her first rotation in S&S publicity. She recently earned a Master’s in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College. A daughter of Nigerian immigrants, Tolani enjoys literary fiction about the tensions between cultures and classes. Her favorite book is Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns,” which she’s made a pact with herself to revisit every three years. She also founded and runs women’s interest blog,, and writes on topics such as fashion, food, perpetual “singledom”, and feminism. You can enjoy her musings about pop culture, fashion, and literature on twitter @dresscapades


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What Happens After Happily-Ever-After?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fall under the highly infectious spell of the onerous and brutally sarcastic Will Traynor. From his peculiar choice of greeting when meeting Louisa Clark to his scowls at anything remotely enjoyable she suggested—I couldn’t help it, I fell madly in love with the guy. And honestly, I think that’s the feeling that Jojo Moyes’s ME BEFORE YOU was meant to evoke. But after a love like Will, what next?

15 Incredible Movies That Started As Books

Last year’s Oscar nominations were overflowing with book-to-film adaptations: THE MARTIAN, BROOKLYN, and ROOM all got the silver-screen treatment, and their film counterparts conquered at the Academy Awards. Many more of your favorite movies were also borrowed from the pages of incredible books. Here are some adaptations you may have missed.

14 Gorgeous Coloring Books That Make Great Gifts

For the artistically inclined, young at heart, mindful meditators, and everyone in between, coloring books are the perfect gifts this holiday season. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic coloring books—one for every person on your shopping list. Make the gift complete with colored pencils or fine-tip markers!

14 Book Recommendations Based On Your Favorite TV Shows

For every scandalous, heartrending, on-the-edge-of-your-seat-thrilling television show, there’s a fantastic book that’s sure to please fans while they await a new episode or season. Book lovers and shameless TV bingers can unite with this list of book recommendations inspired by some of the best shows on TV.

We the People: 10 Novels Featuring a Greek Chorus

Novels featuring a Greek chorus have recently taken center stage on my reading list. If you’ll recall from your Lit 101 course, the Greek chorus is rooted in the traditions of early Greek drama where a group of masked players commented in unison on the events taking place on the main stage. Characterized by an often unnamed “we” narrator and recognized in contemporary literature as the “collective voice,” the Greek chorus provides a bewitching disembodied voice that, when layered with dramatic action, makes for a truly absorbing read. These ten novels inspired by the tradition do just that.

12 Star-Studded Audiobooks That Are Like Movies for Your Ears

Hearing the audiobooks of ME BEFORE YOU and GIRL ON THE TRAIN ahead of their movie releases, I was so excited to hear the words come to life as I imagined the actors in their respective roles. The audiobooks on today’s list have gotten the Hollywood treatment, but in a different sense. No need to wait for them to hit the big screen, these audiobooks are read by some of the best actors of stage and screen.

13 Books from Mindy Kaling’s Bookshelf That Will Make You Love Her Even More

I can’t tell you the exact moment I declared Mindy Kaling my role model—maybe it was when I learned she penned some of my favorite episodes of “The Office,” or when I crowned her my personal fashion idol, or perhaps it was when her “The Mindy Project” character, Mindy Lahiri, hung a “Wreath Witherspoon” on her door and inspired DIY projects across the blogosphere. But I can tell you for certain my love for Mindy Kaling was solidified when I learned she loves books as much as I do. Here are some of her—and our—favorites.

Here’s What Happens When Things Fall Apart

On a Sunday afternoon, I read the heartrending climax of Chigozie Obioma’s debut novel, THE FISHERMEN, breathlessly. When I got up, I was in a literary-induced fugue: I stumbled into my car, momentarily forgetting how to turn it on, wandered the grocery store and left empty-handed, and even abandoned the rest of the day’s plans. My brain seemed to be emptied of everything but this engrossing Cain and Abel story that stupefies and confounds with every turn of a page.

A Hilarious Memoir of an Awkward Life

I’ve spent much of my twenties trying to come to terms with my awkwardness, cringing months—years, even—after any given social misstep. Enter Issa Rae, the queen of graceless girls like me. Her web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” and hilarious resulting memoir provide an uncannily accurate and helpful guide for navigating the world as an awkward black girl.

13 Thought-Provoking Books from The Moth Podcast Storytellers

Inspired by the moths that would gather around the porch light while sharing stories with friends on sweltering Georgia nights, poet and novelist George Dawes Green founded The Moth, an acclaimed organization dedicated to the craft of storytelling. Raconteurs—some famous, most not—get on stage to tell their true stories, often in front of standing-room-only crowds. No notes, just the storyteller and a mic. The Moth Radio Hour, the resulting podcast, is magical, and often makes for a powerful and thought-provoking listen during commutes where I’ve both laughed and cried amongst strangers.  Here are thirteen books from authors who have stood on the Moth stage.

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