Sheila Curry Oakes

Sheila Curry Oakes

Sheila Curry Oakes is  a publishing professional who has held senior editorial positions at St. Martin’s Press, Perigee (Penguin/Putnam), and Fireside/Touchstone (Simon & Schuster), and is currently a writer and editor specializing in nonfiction.

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A Beautifully Layered Memoir of Dedication and Loss

When it was time for our book club to pick our next book, an email went around with some suggestions and images of the book jackets. When I saw the cover for H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald, I immediately voted for “the book with the hawk on it.” I admit I didn’t read the summary of the book—I was drawn to the cover. It is a beautiful illustration, and, well, I simply like it.

The True Story Behind Ron Howard’s Forthcoming Movie “In the Heart of the Sea”

While I was on a whale watching trip this summer, a nearly fifty-foot whale gracefully slipped out of sight under the boat. For a moment I paused in my frantic picture taking. What happens if the whale comes up under us? Thankfully, the whale moved on to feed and spout with its companions. The experience that day brought to mind In the Heart Of The Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick, which tells the incredible story of the Essex, a whale ship that sailed out of Nantucket in 1819.

I Never Thought I’d Read This Book With My Daughter

“Mom, were you alive during the Vietnam War?” My middle school daughter often “fact checks” history versus my existence. At least asking about Vietnam wasn’t as far off base as when she once asked me if I was around for Prohibition. She brought up Vietnam because she was reading The…

A Lifetime of Losing (and Finding) Myself in Literature

There are books that you skim along the surface, you enjoy them, you finish them, but they don’t take hold of you. Then there are the others where you plunge, no questions asked, into another world. When you emerge, called to dinner for the 10th time, jolted to your stop…

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