Sarah Lieberman

Sarah Lieberman

For Sarah Lieberman, publishing is a family tradition. Raised in NYC, she frequented her mother’s Rockefeller Center office at Time Life Books and just days after graduating from Bryn Mawr College began her career across the street at Simon & Schuster. An avid reader, Sarah loves many genres but best of all is a book that makes her cry (there have been many). She treasures her family and friends and is grateful every day for the good fortune to work in an industry she loves. Sarah is currently VP, Director of Marketing at Simon & Schuster Audio.

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9 Amazing Audiobook Picks from an Industry Insider

I LOVE books but with young children, work, a marriage, a house, most days are a juggling act with no downtime to sit and read for fun. I have worked in audiobook publishing for years and listened sporadically but never embraced the format completely until recently. Now I listen anytime, anywhere: on the train, the bus, getting groceries or coffee, cooking, cleaning, walking and even going to bed. Through audiobooks I regained my “me time” without taking away from other priorities.

June is Audiobook Month and to celebrate, here are some of the books I could not stop listening to. Also, many bestselling authors have participated in “A Good Audiobook Speaks Volumes” video series to celebrate their love of audiobooks. I’ve included some of them here—enjoy!

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