Kerry Fiallo

Kerry Fiallo

Kerry Fiallo is a New York native and copywriter at Simon & Schuster. A lifelong voracious reader, she has a particular fondness for ghost stories, history, and anything to do with Mary Shelley, Ada Lovelace, and the Brontë sisters. The only thing she may love more than books is black tea, but they do often go well together. You can find her as she navigates through literature and history on Twitter @ReadingInNYC and on Tumblr.

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Only Fools Fall in Love: On Unexpected Literary Crushes

We all have literary crushes. From Mr. Darcy to Remus Lupin, I’ve had my own share, but there was one that I was reluctant to divulge because it was just such an odd choice—the nameless Fool from Shakespeare’s KING LEAR. I know…weird. Maybe it was because I have a weakness for sarcastic smart alecks, or because I pictured him like Jon Stewart, but the Fool enraptured me. But with such an idiosyncratic and obscure crush, there was nothing for me to do with this little flame. That is, until I discovered Christopher Moore’s FOOL.

12 of the Most Fascinating True Crimes You’ve Never Heard Of

History buffs know that the past is filled to the brim with tales of dastardly deeds, shocking crimes, and felons who flaunted breaking the law. Below, however, are 12 lesser-known true-crime tales, proving once again that real life is stranger—and often darker—than fiction.

A Beautiful Girl, Her Mysterious Death

New York City is rich with fascinating stories. Some are heartbreaking, some funny, and some so mysterious and odd, you would assume they are fictional.

One such story is the tragic tale of Mary Rogers—a young woman whose body was found floating in the Hudson River in 1841. Her story seems to be straight out of a Gothic mystery…perhaps because it inspired one.

Second Wives, Detached Husbands, and a House Full of Secrets

I collect ghost stories. I don’t believe in ghosts—but I’ll read any and all types of haunting stories. One of my favorites, REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier, is a Gothic novel that doesn’t technically have a ghost but features many fundamentals of a classic ghost story. There’s a huge, labyrinthine old mansion, a spooky woman in black, a mysterious death, an eerie painting, and a dead woman whose haunting presence is felt in every corner of her former home, Manderley.

If These Walls Could Talk: 9 Fascinating Books About Your Favorite Household Objects

There’s no place like home. And there’s nothing quite like the items we surround ourselves with in our private residences—but we often take many of those items for granted. Below, discover the remarkable stories behind the so-called unremarkable appliances, tools, and decorations we all have in our households.

13 Gripping Novels Inspired by True Crimes

We all love reading thrillers—from murder mysteries to gripping heists—but sometimes we are even more intrigued by a thriller when it is based on startling true events. Below are several of our favorite examples of fast-paced and suspenseful novels that were inspired by true crimes and shocking incidents throughout history.

Who Wrote That?: 12 Books Written Under Pen Names

The use of pen names is as old as literature itself. Every genre has its share; our childhoods are littered with them (Dr. Seuss and Carolyn Keene ring a bell?). But few of us realize that some of our most beloved books of adulthood are written under pen names. Below are several of our favorite examples of pseudonymous (yes, that is a real word) works, from a classic of espionage fiction to contemporary science fiction and a certain bestselling literary series.

8 Books That Will Make You Laugh When Politics Make You Want to Cry

US and global politics are no laughing matter. That is, unless you’ve tuned in to the 2016 presidential election and witnessed the many cringe-worthy moments that have bordered on absurdity. To help make sense of it all (or at least find some humor in it), we’ve collected this list of books to help us look at politics from a more humorous perspective.

The More, the Merrier: 12 Books Penned By Multiple Authors

We’ve seen a recent rise in novels with multiple authors, so much so that it’s clearly not just a flash-in-the-pan trend. In fact, novels with two or even more authors have become both bestsellers and classics. We’ve collected some our favorite unique and intriguing tales written by pairings of talented authors.

13 Books About Books for Big Book Nerds

Few people love books as much as we do. Authors might be the exception to that rule. It’s no wonder, then, that so many have included books as crucial plot points in their novels, often crafting brilliant stories within stories. For a meta reading experience, here are thirteen great novels in which books play a prominent role—usually instigating the plot.

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