Kerry Fiallo

Kerry Fiallo

Kerry Fiallo is a New York native and copywriter at Simon & Schuster. A lifelong voracious reader, she has a particular fondness for ghost stories, history, and anything to do with Mary Shelley, Ada Lovelace, and the Brontë sisters. The only thing she may love more than books is black tea, but they do often go well together. You can find her as she navigates through literature and history on Twitter @ReadingInNYC and on Tumblr.

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9 Books for Fans of “Twin Peaks”

Fans have been waiting more than a quarter of a century to return to Twin Peaks and discover what has happened to Special Agent Dale Cooper, Audrey, and our other favorite characters from the cult TV series.  We’re now in the home stretch before the new show airs on Showtime. There’s just enough time for you to read these fascinating and eerie titles, all inspired by or derived directly from the “Twin Peaks” story line.

8 True Crime Stories from Around the Globe

Like death and taxes, crime is unfortunately a global constant. Lucky for us, many brilliant authors have written engrossing, riveting, and often moving nonfiction books about criminal cases throughout history. From Europe to Asia and beyond, discover some of the most engrossing true-crime books from around the world.

10 Hollywood Memoirs That Take You Behind the Scenes

Hollywood is the home of countless fascinating stories, but none are as captivating as those from the people who have worked and lived in Tinseltown. From an icon of the silent era to one of today’s most outspoken opponents of the Church of Scientology, this list features several of the most scintillating celebrity memoirs by some of Hollywood’s biggest power players. If you’re obsessively watching Ryan Murphy’s new hit show FEUD about the legendary rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, this reading list is your next obsession.

Reading Carrie Fisher’s Last Memoir

There are certain characters that are so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine our lives without them. Princess Leia is one such character for me.

To avoid this review becoming a diatribe of Leia’s significance in my life, I will simply say that there has been no character that has inspired, strengthened, and just plain wowed me as Princess Leia has.

10 Royal Reads for Fans of “The Crown”

With the success of Netflix’s The Crown and Masterpiece’s Victoria, it’s obvious that the complex, dazzling, and often-scandalous lives of royal women fascinate us. While those from the British royal family may be the most well known, there are and have been countless fascinating tales of royalty from around the world. Below are a collection of novels and biographies about some of the most compelling royal women of all time.

The 13 Best Suspense Novels by Women: From Agatha Christie to Gillian Flynn

From Gillian Flynn to Agatha Christie, some of the best-loved authors of the greatest dark psychological thrillers have been women. Yet until recently, the works of female authors were often overlooked in favor of their male compatriots. We want to celebrate our favorite women behind the most ominous and suspenseful novels with this list of shivery thrillers. Be sure to read these with the lights on.

10 Terrible Book Characters We Love to Hate

From Patrick Bateman of AMERICAN PSYCHO to Nick and Amy Dunne in GONE GIRL, we have seen many unlikable, manipulative, and even downright evil literary characters capture the public’s imagination. At Off the Shelf, we’re not immune to the charms of some of these bad seeds, either. Here are several of our favorite novels featuring despicable, unpleasant, and just plain terrible characters.

9 Literary Mythical Creatures (and Where to Find Them)

For anyone who thinks that fairy tales only appeal to young people, the following novels prove that we never truly grow out of our fascination with the creatures from myths, legends, and fairy and folk tales. From dragons to changelings, here are 9 of our favorite novels featuring mythical creatures.

13 Extra-Long Books to Read While You Wait for Spring

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, winter is the perfect time to sit by the fire and lose yourself in a deliciously long book. From epic fantasy to searing romance, these 13 books are some of our extra-long favorites to enjoy while waiting for spring!

17 of Our Favorite First Lines to Start 2017

A new year means a fresh start, and a fresh start on a fantastic book is exactly what we are looking forward to. So we’re starting off 2017 with 17 of our favorite first lines from books. Happy New Year! And Happy Reading!

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