Julianna Haubner

Julianna Haubner

Julianna Haubner joined the editorial team at Simon & Schuster in September 2014. A lifelong reader, she is most drawn to literary fiction, biography, cultural history, and narrative non-fiction; it’s her firm belief that every human should own a copy of Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things, and Empire Falls is the book that changed her life. When Julianna’s not reading and reviewing, she’s downloading podcast episodes as if there are more than 24 hours in a day, watching Bravo, baking, and running the Off the Shelf Instagram. You can follow her on Twitter @jhaubner2.

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Will the Real Mrs. Hemingway Please Stand Up?

Behind every strong man, there is an even stronger woman. It’s an expression that’s been used for centuries, and as I’ve studied and read history, I’ve come to believe that it’s one of the truer ones we’ve got. It’s always been an obsession of mine to learn about the wives and mothers of the men we’ve chosen to write our histories around, and what better way to explore the idea than through historical fiction, where people and places of the past can come to life? Which is what initially drew me to Naomi Wood’s engrossing historical novel, MRS. HEMINGWAY.

These 9 Stories of Immersive Journalism Will Broaden Your Perspective

There’s no better way to learn about the lives of others than through books. Though novels can put us in the heads and hearts of interesting and unforgettable characters, it’s through immersive narrative nonfiction that we can break out of our daily routines and embrace a world that is more memorable than fiction. To get you started, here is a list of nine of my favorite nonfiction journeys.

13 High School Classics Worth Rereading

Every day, teachers across the country inspire and empower their students to see the world in a new way through classic and contemporary novels. But we know there’s a lot to worry about in high school: friends, driver’s tests, college applications, and, fine, maybe also that cute guy or girl who sat behind you in Algebra. Regardless of whether you completed every extra-credit assignment (guilty as charged), required reading has a lot to offer, even more so when you circle back to those books later on in life. Here’s a list of 13 books I’ve reread since my time in high school and some of the surprising results that came with returning to them.

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again: 11 Books to Celebrate Daylight Saving Time

Attention, bookworms! Spring Daylight Saving is upon us, which means more time with the sun—and more time to read in it. To get you ready, here are some beloved time-travel reads that are known for turning the clock back, forward, and everywhere in between.

Z Is for Zelda: 11 Novels to Cure Your Fitzgerald Fever

For almost a century, the world (this list writer included!) has been fascinated by Zelda Fitzgerald, the tempestuous and troubled wife of one of America’s most beloved writers. The epitome of a flapper, her legacy of rebellion and glamour are practically synonymous with the era. Now it seems that she’s getting the credit she deserves with a miniseries to bring her story to life. Here are some binge-worthy books about Zelda Fitzgerald to keep you going long after the finale.

Coming to America: 13 Immigrant Stories That Represent Our History

When you think of the word “immigrant,” different images may come to mind: perhaps it’s of Ellis Island, or colonists landing at Plymouth, or someone getting off a plane and starting fresh. Whatever your association, one thing has been the same throughout history: people come to America to find a better life for themselves and their families. This year, I am pledging to read more of those stories, especially the ones I haven’t heard before. If you’re looking for a place to start to learn more about the stories of immigrants, we’ve collected 13 novels about immigrating to the United States from its founding to today.

10 Great Book Recommendations for President Obama from One Great Indie Bookstore

Shortly before President Obama left office, Powell’s—the great independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon—sent him a going-away present: 10 books, thoughtfully selected by Powell’s customers and curated by their booksellers. We love this informative, entertaining, and inspirational reading list so much that we are sharing with it you. Now that President Obama has a little more time on his hands, perhaps he can start a book club so we can read them all together!

The New “O” Book Club: 12 Fiction Picks from President Obama

President Obama has made it clear over the past 8 years that books are a big part of his life—whether he’s shopping on Small Business Saturday or releasing his vacation reading list. (Plus, he did an impressive interview with author Marilynne Robinson, which you can listen to here. Cross your fingers for a post–White House podcast!) A bestselling author himself, our reader-in-chief has followed his predecessors in recommending some great nonfiction titles, but has surprised us all by being a particularly prolific fiction reader as well. Here are some of the books he’s picked up during his time in office.

The XY Factor: 13 True Tales of Women Who Changed Science

Every year in classrooms across the country, students learn the names Einstein, Bell, Turing, Oppenheimer, and Salk. The list is important, but it’s also incomplete. Behind every great scientific development, there was likely a woman crunching the numbers, searching the details, and finding the key that solved everything. We managed to find some incredible books about these women and their achievements. Here are the ones we think you should check out first.

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