Elizabeth Breeden

Elizabeth Breeden

Raised in London, Elizabeth Breeden graduated with a degree in English from Smith College in 2013. When not reading six different novels at once she can be found Instagramming artisanal pastries and working in the marketing department of Simon & Schuster. Follow her on Twitter @eliz_breeden


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A Moving Story of WWII from the Author of LITTLE BEE

A friend of mine recently told me about his relationship with a girl more than 300 miles away. They met by exchanging glances at a party while she was in town for a wedding. He impulsively gave her his address, but they parted ways with him wondering if he’d just turned himself into a punchline by asking her to write to him. He was happily surprised on opening his mailbox two weeks later.

7 Books That Give Us Library Envy

The SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON’s treehouse, the hidden flowers of THE SECRET GARDEN, Pemberly’s portrait-filled halls in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE—I could list a hundred bookish settings I’ve used to furnish my daydreams. When not imagining myself between the pages of these stories, I would repeatedly rewind (on a VHS tape nonetheless) the scenes of first exploration in their film versions, wishing myself into each character’s footsteps and their expressions of awe. But of all the literary walls to fancy yourself between, top of the list has to be the library in Disney’s animated “Beauty and the Beast.” With shelves filled with colorful spines, spiral staircases, and a massive fireplace to read by, the most wonderful element by far was its feeling of marvel and discovery (I can only hope the library in the live-action remake—in theaters March 17—is just as marvelous). If you share a fascination with libraries, you’ll find even more bibliophile inspiration in these titles.

6 Solo Adventure Memoirs for Fans of Cheryl Strayed

It’s easy to romanticize the hustle and bustle of big-city living, but sometimes you find yourself jostled around on a crowded New York City subway car and the glamour abruptly drops; suddenly, you remember the litany of frustrations that come with city living: the sea of crowds, constant diversions and compulsions to see everyone and do everything. It’s moments like these I find myself reaching for books with women who have deliberately chosen to pursue their own adventure, their own truths. These women live way outside the norm—in fact, they’re often way off the grid. Inspiring and thought-provoking, these memoirs offer the perfect solace for those moments when you need to expand beyond your everyday life and remember that there’s a whole world outside of that crowded subway car.

8 Books You’ll Want to Read If You’re a Fan of “Westworld”

You know the feeling—the screen fades to black, credits start rolling, the theme music crescendos, and you immediately experience that sinking feeling of knowing you don’t have one more episode left. If you were sucked into HBO’s recent sci-fi thriller “Westworld,” set in a high-tech amusement park that promises to satisfy guests’ wildest dreams in a Wild West landscape filled with human androids, you may find yourself missing the cowboy shootouts, the tinkering with artificial intelligence, and the story’s multiple timeline jumps. What you need now is something to binge-read while waiting for season 2, and we have the perfect TBR list.

How to Become Undone

Wally Lamb’s SHE’S COME UNDONE can be presented with many classifiers. It’s a debut, a coming-of-age story, a novel about mothers and daughters, an exploration into contemporary American anxieties, and a 1996 Oprah’s Book Club pick.

10 Literary Houses That Host Family Stories and Buried Secrets

As I sit in my windowless room in my Brooklyn apartment and realize just how many episodes of “Tiny House Nation” I’ve streamed in a row, I wonder whether it would be better to turn my obsession with houses to the page. Surely fiction allows us to explore houses with secrets in the attics, walls steeped in history, homes to unclaimed orphans—and even a ghost or two? For those moments when HGTV’s French-windowed balconies and sweeping ranchland views become a little too much to bear, satisfy your “house-hunger”—with all its attendant views and buried secrets—with these novels.

A Delicious Read to Enjoy With a Glass of California Pinot

California summer. A vineyard. A fiancé with a British accent. A wedding dress that’s been somewhat rumpled by a nine-hour drive in the opposite direction from said fiancé . . . there’s a lot to love in the opening pages of Laura Dave’s novel EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES. But before you dive in, you should pause to pour yourself a glass of wine (or maybe order a plate of lasagna!) because Dave stuffs this story of family, love, and secrets with so many delicious descriptions that you’ll want to taste everything yourself.

An Introspective Memoir About Navigating Change

My father used to say his dream was to be a hermit in the woods. No cell phone, no emails, no text messages fluttering through the ether demanding his attention and response. Just a cabin and quiet. Howard Axelrod’s 2015 memoir, THE POINT OF VANISHING, captures my father’s idyllic dream.

The Murder Squad Takes On Dublin’s Mean Girls

When I made the decision to attend a women’s college, my male peers did not hesitate to tell me how unprepared I would be for the real world by missing out on the co-ed environment of a “normal” school. I was as shocked by their old-fashioned sexism and self-satisfied opinions as their utter lack of awareness.

Had they truly no idea that dealing with men would be a walk in the park after navigating societies of young women from the first sleepover to the first hallway huddle to the first inclusive joy that drives dreaded school cliques in the first place? A woman alone may be frightened, but women together can be terrifying.

A Provocative and Intelligent Narrative Puzzle

THE BLAZING WORLD calls to mind the best of the “zings”: its stage amazing, its structure mesmerizing, its arguments tantalizing, and its heroine magnetizing. But the title may be the most illustrative “zing”—this novel is on fire.

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