David Brown

David Brown

David Brown is the Deputy Director of Publicity at Atria Books and has spearheaded the #1 New York Times bestselling campaigns of Jodi Picoult, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor. Additionally, he has led publicity campaigns for Apolo Ohno, Shirley MacLaine, Evander Holyfield, and Damon Wayans.

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A Gripping Read That Brings New Meaning to the Word “Unputdownable”

There is this silly word that only exists in book reviews and was probably invented by a book reviewer. It’s “unputdownable.” Spell check will always underline it in red, auto-correct will always suggest confusing replacements, and I’ll always picture a book with some sticky, glue-like substance on it preventing you from releasing it. The word might be silly, but the concept isn’t.

I happen to judge books by their “stickiness,” or how long the story, resolution, or characters stick with me after I finish the last page. The stickiest book that I’ve read in a long while was Mindy Mejia’s EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE.

The Addictive Thriller That Has Everyone Talking

Computer passwords have gotten so complicated. Gone are the days that “abc123” would suffice. Now they want you to have a minimum number of characters, but some have to be capitalized and some have to be lowercase. Even punctuation marks and spaces are allowed. For much of last year, my password for my office computer was “May 27, 2014” for a simple reason: that was the date I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes would finally be published.

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