Allison Har-zvi

Allison Har-zvi

Allison Har-zvi works in Production at Simon & Schuster. As a result, she has become the kind of book nerd who goes to a bookstore and needs to touch all the covers, stick her fingers between the pages, and explain to her friends every detail of how a book is made (which may explain why most of her friends no longer want to hang out in bookstores with her). Allison is a graduate of Williams College and of the Columbia Publishing Course. When not reading, she enjoys skiing, knitting, playing volleyball, and doodling on just about anything that will stand still long enough to be doodled on.

Posts by Allison Har-zvi

A Strange and Wonderful Novel for Introverts and Outcasts

It’s a strange and wonderful thing to recognize something of yourself in a book. It’s an even stranger and more wonderful thing to recognize your own feelings in a character with whom, at first glance, you have very little in common. While the circumstances of my own life aren’t much like those of Aaron, the main character in Lori Ostlund’s AFTER THE PARADE, I was amazed at how clearly I understood him, and how relatable he seemed to be. I found myself both nodding along with Aaron’s observations about people and at the same time feeling astonished at how astute his observations were.

A Mind-Expanding Book That Will Make You a Better Human Being

My mother has a saying about being a parent: whatever you are, your kid will be the opposite. And it’s true. Every one of us feels profoundly different from our parents at some point, and every parent has wondered how their child could be so different from them. Andrew Solomon’s…

When Memory Fades But Life Goes On

My grandmother suffers from an advanced stage of dementia and, in the last several years, I have learned some unexpected things about how memory works. When my family and I were first adjusting to her condition we had to learn to operate on her terms, to inhabit her view of…

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