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The Secrets of Mary Bowser
Lois Leveen


12 Historical Novels Inspired By Real-Life Bad-Ass Women

By Greer Macallister | October 2, 2017

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Basketball (and Other Things)
Shea Serrano, illustrated by Arturo Torres


The New “O” Book Club 2.0: 12 of Obama’s Favorite Books

By Julianna Haubner | January 12, 2018

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The Turner House
Angela Flournoy

In this masterful debut novel, 13 siblings must decide the fate of their mother’s Detroit home, which housed the family for 50 years before mirroring the disarray and crisis of the city around them by falling into debt and misfortune. Secrets, addiction, and even a malevolent spirit all work against the siblings, but in the end Angela Flournoy shows how it takes more than walls to keep a family together.

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