Share 11 Books You Should Read Based On Your Favorite “Stranger Things” Character

11 Books You Should Read Based On Your Favorite “Stranger Things” Character

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WARNING: Season 1 Stranger Things spoilers ahead!

So you’ve almost reached peak Stranger Things mania. You’ve built your Joyce Byers Halloween costume with cardboard and Christmas lights. You even attended a vigil for Barb (and cried more than when your cat died). All you can do now is wait until Halloween for Season 2, right? Wrong! Our friends at Glommable are coming through with the best for last: the Stranger Things Book Generator!

They’ve chosen the perfect book recommendation based on your favorite Stranger Things character. Whether you’re a classic Eleven superfan or you’re crushing on Hopper, there’s a great book for you here.

This post, written by Alex Lauer, originally appeared on Glommable.

Station Eleven
by Emily St. John Mandel

If your favorite character is Eleven

You thought we’d go with an obvious magical kid book here. But don’t worry, there is more in common here than “Eleven” in the title. Emily St. John Mandel’s science fiction tale is set in a world that is flung into chaos and follows characters that are, despite the outcomes, trying to do the right thing.

Before I Go to Sleep
by S. J. Watson

If your favorite character is Joyce Byers

When Hopper told Joyce Byers that Will’s dead body was a fake you jumped for joy, threw confetti in the air, danced a jig, kissed the person you were watching it with, or kissed your cat or kissed yourself—finally someone believes Joyce! You’ll experience that same ecstasy at the end of the thriller BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP.

His Bloody Project
by Graeme MaCrae Burnet

If your favorite character is Jim Hopper

Did you high-five when Hopper knocked some answers out of that chump behind the bar? Did you wince at the incompetence of the two dopey officers? Then you’re ready for the next step in crime investigations. This Man Booker Prize finalist lays out documents pertaining to a triple murder in mid-1800s Scotland that you, the reader, must vet.

The Nix
by Nathan Hill

If your favorite character is Nancy Wheeler

If you’re a Nancy supporter at the end, you loathe a “traditional female character.” You appreciate Nancy for being a natural gunslinger, choosing the thick-haired hottie over the greasy paparazzo, and not letting her grandma-closet-raiding friend slut-shame her. THE NIX follows a whole gaggle of odd characters but centers on the mystery of a woman who is an intellectual, mother, student, daughter, protestor, lover, and—most of all—recluse.

Eleanor & Park
by Rainbow Rowell

If your favorite character is Mike Wheeler

This young adult novel is also set in the 1980s and deals with first love between two outsiders. Except in Rainbow Rowell’s book, the kids are older and the monster isn’t a tulip-headed child-eater but an abusive stepfather.

Julius Caesar
by William Shakespeare

If Your Favorite Character is Lucas Sinclair

Et tu, Mike?

The Princess Bride
by William Goldman

If Your Favorite Character is Dustin Henderson

In the mind of “Toothless,” his best friend didn’t almost die. His comrade was captured by a monster, thus his band of merry adventurers went on a quest to rescue him. For more eccentric goofballs in perilous situations, try the book that preceded the classic movie “The Princess Bride.”

My Brilliant Friend
by Elena Ferrante

If your favorite character is Barbara Holland

Barb should be canonized. She dies while making sure her friend isn’t harmed by Skeezy Steve! If this female friendship made you want to toss your TV out the window (in the best way), immediately purchase the entirety of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet, starting with MY BRILLIANT FRIEND. The books are like Barb and Nancy’s friendship stretched over four novels. (Yes, Europa Editions, you can use that quote on the next edition.)

The Secret History
by Donna Tartt

If your favorite character is Jonathan Byers

The misunderstood, unhappy kid who yearns for an East Coast college where he can forget his modest upbringing and meet sufficiently interesting friends? Sounds like Richard Papen, the narrator of Donna Tartt’s first novel, THE SECRET HISTORY.

100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition
by Clint Emerson

If your favorite character is Will Byers

The only skill Will seemed to possess was the ability to memorize the chorus to one Clash song. In Clint Emerson’s second book in this series, the retired Navy SEAL provides easy instructions for everything from fortifying your home to “navigating back to civilization no matter the environment.” This includes (I assume) the Upside Down.

The Impossible Fortress
by Jason Rekulak

If your favorite character is Steve Harrington

If you liked the era cameos in the Duffer Brothers’ ode to the 80s (from D&D games to Steve Harrington’s hair) you’ll love the mentions of Commodore 64s, early Springsteen & Jolt cola in the love letter to the 80s which is THE IMPOSSIBLE FORTRESS. It follows Billy Marvin and his friends as they hatch a madcap scheme which leads Billy to falsely befriend a loner girl who happens to be a computer whiz. But just as Steve seems like a jerk initially, his heartfelt feelings towards another bad-ass female character (Go Nancy!) mimics how Billy’s feelings also lead him down the right path.  

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