9 Literary Daughters With Page-Turning Stories to Tell

Yes, these 9 tales all have “daughter” in their title, but that’s not all they have in common. These books are all great book-club reads with hours of discussion built in. Who doesn’t love a story with a strong heroine?

The Kingmaker’s Daughter
by Philippa Gregory

Anne Neville is a beautiful young woman who must navigate the treachery of the English court while her father, known as “the Kingmaker,” uses her and her sister as pawns in his political game.

The Daughters of Mars
by Thomas Keneally

The acclaimed author of SCHINDLER’S LIST tells the unforgettable story of two Australian sisters who volunteer as nurses during World War I aboard a hospital ship, tending to Australian soldiers wounded in the disastrous Battle of Gallipoli.

The Daughter of Time
by Josephine Tey

Re-creating one of history’s most famous—and vicious—crimes, THE DAUGHTER OF TIME investigates who really killed Richard III’s nephews, the Princes in the Tower, and reveals the usurpers lying in wait behind the British throne.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
by Kim Edwards

This is the haunting tale of a husband who tries to protect his wife by hiding the truth that the baby daughter she delivered hasn’t died but actually has Down’s Syndrome.

The Bonesetter’s Daughter
by Amy Tan

In THE BONESETTER’S DAUGHTER, a young woman in San Francisco learns about family, forgiveness, and love through her mother’s writings about growing up in a remote Chinese mountain village.

The Gravedigger’s Daughter
by Joyce Carol Oates

After fleeing Nazi Germany in 1936, one family immigrates to a small town in upstate New York and embarks upon an extraordinary odyssey of identity and prejudice.

The Hangman’s Daughter
by Oliver Potzsch

In this historical thriller, Jacob Kuisl is called upon to prove the innocence of a local midwife accused of witchcraft by finding the real cause of several recent mysterious deaths.

The Baker’s Daughter
by Sarah McCoy

From Germany during the last year of World War II to present-day El Paso, THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER explores the intertwining lives of two women, their choices, the past, and moving forward with the courage to forgive.

Daughter of Fortune
by Isabel Allende

In this sweeping historical novel by bestselling author Isabel Allende, Eliza Sommers follows her lover from Chile to California in the time of the Gold Rush, where she finds an exhilarating new life of freedom and independence.